10 Easiest Ways To Earn Money From Google | How To Earn Money From Google

Google ways to earn money – Do you want to earn money from Google? And are you searching for how to earn money? Then Google is a good platform for this. From online surveys on YouTube to displaying ads on YouTube, Google offers you many ways to earn money from home.

Today, we will learn in this article the ways through which you can earn good money. Let’s find out – how to earn money from Google

What is Google?

Google is a search engine that allows you to search for information on the internet. It is the most widely used search engine in the world and can be accessed through a website or mobile app.

In addition to search, Google provides various services such as email, maps, and online storage. It is also a major player in online advertising and has many tools to promote its products and services for businesses. Overall, Google is a powerful tool for finding information and connecting people and businesses online.

At Google, people search for information in the form of text, video, audio, and image formats according to their needs. Based on what we search for, Google works by displaying accurate information from its stored data.

The necessary things to earn money from Google.

To earn money from Google, you need to have certain things such as –

  • Internet connection
  • Computer or smartphone
  • Google account
  • Gmail account
  • Bank account

How to earn money from Google?

There are many ways to earn money from Google through which you can make a monthly income of lakhs. The methods to earn money from Google are explained below.

1. Earn money from Google AdSense –

AdSense is a service started by Google that helps to display advertisements on blogs or websites. Those who display these ads on their blogs or websites earn money from them. AdSense is specifically designed for publishers or bloggers so that they can earn money by displaying ads on their blogs. To earn money from AdSense, you should have a website.

There are certain criteria to be fulfilled to earn money from Google AdSense. Therefore, before applying for AdSense, you should check the eligibility criteria for your website.

Once AdSense is active on your website, you can display ads on your website or blog. If a user views an advertisement or clicks on it, you get paid in return.

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2. How to earn money from YouTube?

If we tell you that you can earn money using YouTube, it might sound old to you because nowadays almost everyone knows that you can earn money from YouTube.

However, many people do not take it seriously. If you give something to your viewers to watch on your YouTube channel or provide them with some benefits or information by showing them your videos, then you can earn money.

If you work on your YouTube channel, then within one or two years, you can earn thousands of rupees per month from YouTube because many people are easily earning lakhs of rupees from YouTube while working from home without any investment.

If you like making videos on a particular topic, then you can create your own channel on YouTube and upload videos on it. Once your YouTube channel reaches 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time, you can monetize it and start earning money from Google.

3. How to earn money from Google Admob?

Just like you can earn money through AdSense on any website, you can also earn money through AdMob on any app. AdMob is a service provided by Google that allows you to display ads on your app and earn money from them.

If you have your own app, you can use AdMob to monetize it by displaying ads. To earn money through AdMob or monetize your app, you will need to visit AdMob’s official website admob.com.

  • To monetize your app, follow these steps:
  • Open the website admob.com.
  • Sign up for an Admob account.
  • Fill in your information and create your account.
  • Create ad units for your app while setting up your Admob account.
  • Add the ad unit code to your app.

Once you have followed these steps, Admob will review your app for advertising and give approval. Ads will start appearing on your app and you can start earning money.

4. How to earn money from Google Play Store?

If you use a smartphone, then you might know about the Play Store. You must have installed many different types of apps from the Play Store. The Play Store is a product of Google where many apps are available, and you can download any app of your choice.

The apps you see on the Google Play Store are not made by Google, but they are made by people like us and then uploaded to the Play Store. Google provides us with a platform to upload our apps, and we make money from it.

There are many ways to earn money through apps, but some ways are more popular than others. One way is to make money by getting people to download your app, and another way is to place ads in your app, as mentioned above.

5. Earn money through Blogger.com

If you want to earn money by working on a platform where you can work according to your liking and share information by writing with others, then you can use a free platform called Blogger.com presented by Google.

You can create a website without any hosting or domain name and work on it for free. By working continuously on Blogger.com, you can earn good income in the future by using Google AdSense to write articles and monetize your blog.

By using Google’s free platform, Blogger, you can start earning thousands of rupees per month, and that too for free.

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6. Earn Money Through Google Opinion Rewards –

Google Opinion Rewards is an app created by Google that allows you to earn money by taking online surveys. You can download this app from the Google Play Store and sign up for it. After signing up, you will immediately receive a survey that you need to answer correctly.

If you provide the correct answer to the first survey, you will receive more surveys than the Google Opinion Rewards program. When you receive a survey, you will be informed about how much money you will earn by completing the survey, or if you will not receive any money for it.

If you think that completing these surveys will help you earn money, this can be a very easy way to make money online from home.

7. Earn Money Through Google Taskmate –

Google Taskmate is an amazing money-making app from Google. When you use Taskmate, Google asks you some simple questions, and when you answer them, Taskmate pays you. You can even withdraw the earned money to your bank account.

To use Taskmate, you need to complete simple tasks. These tasks can be viewed as surveys. In fact, Google Taskmate wants to use its app to increase the quality of its company based on local areas.

When you create your Taskmate account, the app asks for all information related to your local address, language, etc. Later, Taskmate asks you questions or surveys related to that same area and language, and when you answer them, you get paid by Taskmate.

For people who want to know the easiest way to earn money from Google, Taskmate is the best app. You can easily earn money by answering simple questions, and you can even transfer the earned money directly to your bank account.

8. Earn Money Through Google Map –

Google Maps is an excellent application by Google. With Google Maps, you can view maps of any location for free. Additionally, you can add your business to Google Maps for free. If you are in a city and do not know the way, you can use Google Maps for directions.

You may be thinking that Google Maps is just a regular application where you can only view maps, but how can you earn money from it?

To make money from Google Maps, you need to become a local guide. Local guides are people who add new places and write reviews on #GoogleMaps. Local guides help improve Google Maps, and that is why Google rewards them with various incentives to boost their motivation.

Google sometimes also gives its local guides Google Pay credits, which are essentially coupons that can be redeemed in Google Pay.

9. Earn Money Through Google Classroom –

You don’t need to invest anything to use Google’s platform, nor do you need to follow a process like creating multiple YouTube channels. If you teach online classes to 10 or more students in a day, you can start earning a good income from home without any investment.

  • Using Google Classroom, teachers can assign assignments, provide study materials, and ask questions to their students. However, you cannot directly earn money from Google Classroom.
  • If you are a teacher who teaches offline students, you can use online teaching apps like Zoom to teach them and provide study materials through Google Classroom.
  • You also do not need to give homework to students one by one. Just upload homework on Google Classroom and it will be easily accessible to all students in your class.

10. Earn Money Through Google Analytics –

Firstly, let me tell you that Google Analytics records data of people visiting your website or any other online property. Nowadays, almost every company that promotes its products online uses Google Analytics. In simple words, Google Analytics is used in almost every company that does digital marketing.

Additionally, if you have good knowledge about Google Analytics, you can also earn money by doing freelancing work related to it. Many companies or individuals need such experts who have good knowledge about Google Analytics. Therefore, to earn money from Google Analytics, you first need to learn it properly.

After that, you can do freelance work or work for a company related to Google Analytics and earn money using Google’s amazing tool, Google Analytics.

F&Q – How to earn money from Google

What’s the best way to make money from Google?

There are two ways to make money from Google. First, you can sell your own website. You can buy a domain name and build a website on it. Or, you can use a website builder to build a website for you.

How much can I make with a website?

The average website makes $100 per month, but it can make more or less depending on the traffic to your site.

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