How To Earn Money From Instagram In 2023

How To Earn Money From Instagram: Do you know that @Cristiano Ronaldo earns approximately ₹12 crore ($1.5 million) from each of his Instagram posts, and @virat.kohli earns around 5 to 6 crore rupees from a single Instagram post? Yes, you are reading it correctly, and you can even verify it on Google if you want.

But the question is, who pays them so much money and why? Moreover, can an ordinary person earn money from Instagram? If yes, what are the methods and limitations?

In this post, we will discuss this very topic of how to earn money from Instagram, and I guarantee you that if you use the methods mentioned in this post, you can start earning around ₹20,000 to ₹25,000 within a few months.

How much money can you earn from Instagram?

How to earn money from Instagram – Before knowing this, it is important to understand why people pay on Instagram and what earning possibilities exist. Instagram was launched on October 6, 2010, and as of 2022, it has a total of 1.4 billion users. According to official data, Instagram is currently the 4th largest social media platform in the world and has the potential to become the number one platform in just a few years.

Social Platform Total Users
#1 Facebook 2.93 Billion
#2 YouTube 2.6 Billion
#3 WhatsApp 2.1 Billion
#4 Instagram 1.49 Billion

How To Earn Money From Instagram

Due to such a large user base, brands and businesses promote their products on Instagram. For promotion, they approach small as well as big actors, sportsmen, and influencers and have them market their brand through Instagram posts or stories. They pay a fixed or agreed-upon amount to these individuals, and that’s how people earn money from Instagram.

How much money do you get per followers on Instagram?

Now the question arises, how much money can you or someone with an Instagram account earning a few thousand followers make? To be clear, there is no fixed rate here. It depends on how you approach brands and the nature of your account. However, speaking in terms of followers, you can charge for each post in the following manner:

Followers Instagram Per Post
up to 10K ₹7,000 – ₹10,000
10K – 50K ₹12,000 – ₹20,000
50K – 100K ₹20,000 – ₹30,000
100K – 500K ₹35000 – ₹50,000
500K – 1M ₹50,000 – ₹80,000
1M+ ₹1 Lakh and More

If we talk about foreign countries, the rates there tend to increase. For example, if you have a niche account and have more than 100,000 followers, you can earn around $700-$900 per post. With more than 500,000 followers, you can earn $2,000-$3,000 per post.

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To understand this, let’s take some examples:


Let’s take the example of Jack Morris, who has more than 2.6 million followers. He travels around the world and shares his photos. He has mentioned that he received $9,000 for a single post, and he does not post for less than $3,000.

Emily & Corey

Emily + Corey + Penny, and Bella travel everywhere in a van, and they have around 160K followers. With the help of their followers, they charge anywhere between $1000 to $2000 for each post. So, you can also earn in lakhs through Instagram.

Make Money From Instagram

How To Earn Money From Instagram

Here are 5 ways to earn money from Instagram:

Now let’s talk about how you can earn a good amount of money from Instagram with a substantial user base. These methods are proven and used by many influencers who are earning a significant income:

1 Sponsored Post

When you promote someone else’s brand or product through your Instagram posts, stories, or reels, they pay you in return, and this is called a sponsored post.

Let’s see an example to understand this. Imagine you have an Instagram account where you post fashion-related content, and you have 100,000 followers on that account. In such a case, a company like Flipkart or a similar company approaches you and offers you ₹25,000 to advertise their brands. This would be considered as income from a sponsored post.

In this case, you can charge different amounts for each post, video, reel, or story, or you can provide a combo package.

There are two ways to get sponsorships. First, brands may approach you themselves after seeing your large number of followers. Alternatively, you may need to approach them yourself. For this, you can send an email to the brand, message them on Instagram, or seek the assistance of marketing agents who facilitate influencer marketing deals.

2 Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an easy way to earn money. In this, you can promote products of any e-commerce company such as Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Myntra, etc., and when a user purchases their product through your referral, you earn a fixed percentage of commission.

You can easily join their affiliate programs, and then all you have to do is select a product that you think will be liked by a large number of users. Then, post it on your account and share the product’s link in that post, which will be generated from your affiliate program account. Whenever someone purchases the product through your link, you will receive a commission.

Speaking of the commission percentage, it varies from company to company. For example, on Amazon, it is 5%, but it can range from 10% to 20% for other products.

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3 Sell Your Products

If you have a business where you sell products, you can promote them using Instagram. For this, you need to share photos or videos of your products and provide complete details about the product in the caption. Anyone who wants to purchase the product can directly click on the link you have provided and make the purchase.

You can sell two types of products in this method:

  1. Digital Products: Courses, eBooks, Memberships, Software, etc.
  2. Physical Products: Books, T-shirts, Shoes, Bags, Laptops, Mobile phones, etc.

It would be better if you promote your physical products at competitive prices. This way, you can generate more sales and earn good money from Instagram.

4 Sell Instagram Account

This method is also becoming quite popular, where people are earning lakhs of rupees together. They create an Instagram account on a specific niche/topic and once they have a significant number of followers, they sell their account. Afterward, the process continues.

The selling price of an Instagram account depends on its followers and niche. If you have a really large number of followers, you can mention “Account For Sold” in your bio along with a contact ID, or you can also specify that you are open to direct messages for inquiries.

5 Promote Instagram Accounts

When you have a good number of followers, you can promote other people’s Instagram accounts. There are many users on Instagram who are new and looking for instant followers.

In this case, you can earn money by promoting their accounts. For this, you need to provide your contact details in your bio so that interested users can reach out to you. Along with that, you should also create a plan package such as:

  1. Basic Package: Includes a specific number of shoutouts or mentions in your posts or stories.
  2. Standard Package: Includes additional features like tagging, swipe-up links, or dedicated posts.
  3. Premium Package: Offers extensive promotion, including multiple posts, dedicated stories, and permanent highlights.

You can set different prices for each package based on the level of promotion and engagement you provide.

  • Post $20
  • Story $20
  • Reel $15
  • Post + Story $35
  • Post + Reel $30
  • Reel + Story + Post $45

To Earn Money From Instagram

To Earn Money From Instagram: To increase your followers on Instagram and improve your chances of securing brand deals, sponsorships, affiliate marketing opportunities, and selling your products, you can follow these strategies:

1 Find Your Niche

Before creating an Instagram account, it’s important to determine which specific field or niche you can explore. Choose an area where you can potentially collaborate with numerous brands and promote their products to earn money.

This can align with your hobbies or passions, such as providing cooking tips, offering traveling advice, instructing yoga, being a photographer, or being a painter, among others.

When creating an account, you should keep the following things in mind:

  • Choose a suitable and memorable name for your account.
  • Upload a profile picture that is relevant to your chosen name.
  • Provide proper information in your bio, explaining what you do and the purpose of your account.
  • You can also use emojis 😎 to add some personality to your bio.

You can take ideas from these Instagram niche profiles: @Thebillionairesclub@Businessvillains@Success__tips

2 Grow Instagram Followers

To earn money from Instagram, it is crucial to have a large number of followers. The question is, how many is considered a large number? If you are thinking that you need at least 1 million+ followers, let me tell you that even with a niche account, you can earn up to $100 per post with 20K followers.

To increase your followers, you can consistently share photos or videos that truly influence people. You can create interesting posts using and share them.

Additionally, you need to be consistent. I recommend setting a rule for yourself where you share two posts, one story, and one reel per day. You can also fix a specific time to post your content when the engagement is highest.

3 Engagement

This means that you should be connected with your followers and interact with them. Let’s say you have 20,000 followers, and you promoted a brand by including a link in your post.

Now, if 2% of your followers clicked on that link and made a purchase of the brand’s product, it indicates how connected people are to you and how much they trust you. You need to increase this 2% and engage with your audience more.

To do this, share pictures, videos, reels, or stories that people enjoy. If you’re unsure what people will like, you can take ideas from other creators or analyze your old content. You can also directly ask your followers for their preferences.

Conclusion –

One thing that is crucial for earning money from Instagram is consistently providing the best quality of content to your users. I hope you have understood how to make money from Instagram. If you still have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment box.

How much money do you get with 1 million followers on Instagram? As we mentioned earlier, there is no fixed rate for earning money on Instagram. However, if we talk about earning based on followers, if you have more than 1 million followers on your Instagram account and good engagement on your posts, you can earn more than 1 lakh rupees per month using the methods we have discussed.

When do you receive money from Instagram? As we explained in this post, Instagram itself doesn’t pay us money. Instead, there are methods through which we can earn good money on Instagram. Just understand that if you have a good number of followers on your Instagram account and you have understood the ways to make money from Instagram that we have discussed in this post, Instagram can become a good source of income for you.

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